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SYP Social Potluck Update

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The BC Branch SYP Group The BC Branch SYP Group

The BC Branch SYP group held a summer social and potluck, with some brainstorming to support our strategic planning for the 2016/2017 year. This included sharing food, sunshine, laughter, and ideas for what we'd like the BC CWRA SYP accomplish in the next year. We categorized activities the group currently organizes and ideas for possible future endeavours into 3 categories: "Stop", "Start", and "Continue". We then used sticky dots to vote on the ideas we preferred, dotmocracy style! We also threw up words and terms that we associate with the BC CWRA, to produce a sort-of Wordle. The plan is for the group's leaders to use these ideas and preferences to draft a strategic plan with themes, directions, and specific event ideas of the upcoming year.

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