CWRA BC 2015 Conference Program

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 Day 1 - November 18th, 2015


Session Room D

Session Room B

Session Room C


Floods - Risk
and Management

Climate, Water,
and Agriculture

and Hydrometrics

10:00 – 10:30


Flood Risk Assessment
with Hazus

Sarah North

Okanagan Water
Allocation Policies

Steve Conrad


An experimental habitat
enhancement effort for
sandy rivers:
San Rafael River restoration

Samuel Lyster

10:30 – 11:00


Flood Risk Management
Strategy for
Maplewood Village

Charlene Menezes

The Impact of
Climate Change
on Crop Water
on Vancouver

Alan Gilchrist


Evolution of the Winter
Rating Curve for a Gauging
Station Consequent
to the Evolution of Ice

S. Thomas Lavender

11:00 – 11:30


Flawed Decisions
in Flood Management:
Why Engineers
should not be

Tamsin Lyle

Effects of a Changing
Climate on the
Hydrology of Burns

Sarah Howie &
Mauricio Herrera


Experimental Study of
Vertical Drains from a
Large Cylindrical Tank

Sahar Banisoltan

11:30 – 12:00


Flood Map Project:
What are the implications
of outdated
flood maps in BC?

Silja Hund

Water Resources
of Northeastern
British Columbia

Ben Kerr


Englishman River Water
Service – New Approach
to Reservoir Operating

Craig Sutherland



 Floods - Coastal


Contaminant and


Human Health and Water
(in co-operation with

1:00 – 1:30


Determining Coastal
Flood Levels

David Roche & Eric


Diluted Bitumen Oil Spill
Modelling in Support
of Environmental and
Socio-Economic Assessment

Aurelien Hospital


Analysis of Plant Prescriptions
for Aquatic Ecosystems
in Southern
British Columbia

Donna Rodman

1:30 – 2:00


Sea Level Rise Vulneability

by the Decade

Matthew Osler &
Vanessa O’Connor


A Validated 3-D Hydrodynamic
Model to
Simulate the Fate of
Dissolved Hydrocarbons

Jim Stronach

Environmental and Health
Effects of Mining on Water
Quality Standards
and Safety

Shelley Archibald

2:00 – 2:30

Introduction to Becoming

a Certified Floodplain Manager

Alex J. McBride


Linking Hydrodynamics
and Sediment Transport
Modelling to River

Albert Leung

Preventing Pharmaceuticals
from Entering the Water

Kerrie Pickering



Flood - Hydrologic
Forecasting and

Special Session
Pecha Kucha Session

Human Health and Water
(in co-operation with

2:45 – 3:15


Evaluation of the CLEVER
Model –
A real-time flood forecast
model for large
watersheds in BC

Tobi Gardner


Pecha Kucha Session
SYP Presentations

Sponsored by
Ebbwater Consulting


Nursing Earth, One
Community at a Time: An
examination of influencing
local environmental policy
through Interprofessional

Steve Cairns

3:15 – 3:45


Real Time Flood Risk
Assessment and Peak
Flow Prediction in an
Urban Watershed

Usman Khan


Improving Interprofessional
Practice to increase Ecoliteracy
amongst Health Care

Jennifer Otto

3:45 – 4:15


Robust Simulation
of Future Hydrologic
Extremes in BC under
Climate Change

Arelia Werner


Extreme Precipitation,
Drinking Water and Acute
Gastro-Intestinal Illness

Tim Takaro



Day 2 - November 19th, 2015 

Session Room D

Session Room B Session Room C

Floods - Debris and

Drought and


9:00 – 9:30  

Sturgeon Bank, Fraser
River Delta - 150 Years
for Flood, Erosion and
Navigational Management

Rowland Atkins


Drought 2015 - Test
Driving the BC Drought
Response Plan through
the Drought of Record

Valerie Cameron

No sessions   
9:30 – 10:00  

Flood Control and
Sediment Management
- Necessity or Risk?

Lawrence Francois &
Mike Currie


MFLNRO South Coast
Drought Response: Prioristisation
for Monitoring
and Mitigation

Gabe Sentlinger & Scott

10:00 – 10:30  

Debris Hazard Mitigation
in North Vancouver

Steve Bridger


A Blueprint for Watershed Governance in BC

Oliver Brandes

Floods - Impacts
and Response

Irrigation and Agriculture

Water and

10:45 – 11:15

The 2014 Flood Event
in the Assiniboine River

Eric-Lorne Blais

Delta Enhanced Irrigation
System - Construction,
and Operational Considerations

Hugh Fraser

Open Data for
Flood Management

Matthew Osler

11:15 – 11:45

Environmental Impacts
of Flooding in the
Crowsnest Pass

Bob Askin

Hydraulic Modelling for
Irrigation System Design

Gabor Vasarhelyi

BC Water Portal

Ben Kerr

11:45 – 12:15

Flood Plain Reactivation
After Setting Back
Flood Levee

Dave McLean

Implementation and Results
for the Agricultural
Water Demand Model

Ted van der Gulik

Omineca Water

Ben Kerr

Floods -
Management and

Water Policy and

Special Session
Pecha Kucha Session

1:30 – 2:00

Awash with Opportunity: 

Getting BC’s New Water Laws Right

Rosie Simms 

2015: Sustainable
Watershed Systems,
through Asset Management

Kim Stephens


Pecha Kucha Session
SYP Presentations

Sponsored by
Ebbwater Consulting

2:00 – 2:30

Mobilizing Resilience: A
Social Vulnerability and
Ecosystem Approach to
Integrated Flood Risk

Christopher Carter

2:30 – 3:00

Rising to the Challenge
- Adapting BC’s Flood
Hazard Land Use Policy
to Changing Sea Level

Kari Tyler

Implementing BC’s new
Water Sustainability Act

Ian Graeme